Hyperpixel (older) display is mirrored

Hey Pimoroni and everybody,
I have an older HyperPixel display (pim297) that I’m trying to use. However, I’m only getting a mirrored Image. (I don’t mean rotated!) Can this be a software issue? If so, how can I fix it?

Did you by accident maybe run the wrong installer?
The one for the original is here

While the one for the new 4 inch display is here

hmm, I checked with history | grep and I did install hyperpixel4 the first time! And then retried using the hyperpixel libray. I removed the lines from boot/config.txt and the dtc overlay files and rerun the proper installer again. But it’s still showing a mirrored display. Is there anything else I can remove, or a script I could run or should I just start with a clean raspbian?

There likely is a way to uninstall but I don’t know what it is or how to do it. My Linux skills are pretty basic.
Phil @gadgetoid likely knows how to do it, but you’ll most likely be waiting till tomorrow when he’s back at work for a response. If it was me I’d just start over with a fresh Raspbian install.

There is an Uninstalling section in both of those links I posted above. I think I’d still just start over from scratch though after installing over the first one. I should have had a look before I posted ops.

I tried the uninstall script(s), but it didn’t solve the problem. But no worries I’ll start with a fresh Raspbian. Just glad to know it’s not a hardware issue.


Ok, wasn’t 100% sure you saw them. Yeah, I don’t think its a hardware issue, just a glitch from running the wrong installer. They (Pimoroni) may want to make that easier to find? Put a note at the bottom of the Hyperpixel4 product page saying “if you have the older version go here” or something?