HDMI Sound on Pi4

Anybody find a fix for HDMI sound not working on Pi4? I am using the default buster full desktop build and Pimoroni’s HDMI cable. Setting it via raspi-config doesn’t seem to force - wondering is this because there is 2x hdmi channels rather than 1?

My Pi 4 hasn’t arrived and I haven’t had a chance to have a look see at Buster. I’ll try and help anyway though.
Is your monitor plugged into HDMI(0) or HDMI(1). If 1 try 0.

I presume the port beside the power socket is 0? Its plugged into that one

I had some success with sound on my 2GB Pi 4 - I have an HDMI KVM with sound output and it was initially silent when playing videos with VLC from HDMI(0) - next to the power port…
I couldn’t find a “system” sound option so rummaged in the VLC menus.
When selecting Audio … Audio Device you are presented with ten BCM “flavours” to choose from four of which mention HDMI. I selected the last option HDMI hardware device with all software options.
Then VLC locked up but after a reboot it all worked fine.

Yes as far as I know the one closest to the power jack is HDMI(0)