Raspberry Pi 4 HDMI issues

Is anyone else not getting a consistent HDMI signal? I have the 4gb version. With hdmi safe mode I do get a display now but it is not consistent in reboot on working. And I get errors at boot and it freezes once I change GPU mem.
I don’t know if this needs more power (i have used numerous powersources from 5v 3a to 5.2v 2.5amp). Also used numerous microSD and different cables.
I would assume since i do get display sometimes now in safe mode that the board isnt defective but i really don’t know.
So I am asking others with the 4gb version of the pi4 if anyone else is having display issues?
I have another message on here in another post stream discussing my initial testing and poor results.

No problems here. Official micro HDMI to HDMI with an HDMI to DVI adapter on the end. And I’m also using the older 5V 2.5A official micro USB power supply with a USB C adapter.
My monitor is an Dell something or other 19 inch wide screen LCD.

I am using both a sharp and jvc HDMI lcd TVs.
So i need the HDMI signal over the dvi signal. That maybe part of the failures.
I may up the force boost to hdmi but I am unaware of what is safe. I did use 6 instead of 4. But my results are still random. Sometimes i get a moment of display, other times nothing.
My JVC TV detects nothing. My sharp has a 3way switch. If i hit the switch alot sometimes that will trigger a momentary display.

I only have the one Micro HDMI to HDMI cable so I’m limited to just using one display. I will be ordering a second cable at some point. I’ve only had my Pi 4 for a couple of days so I’m just feeling it out as to what works and what doesn’t. I haven’t tried connecting it to a TV yet. I haven’t touched my config.txt and or set any special video modes.
If it was me I think I’d download a new Raspbian image, there is a new one up as of 07-10, just in case the one you have now is corrupted. Leave it as stock and connect one monitor to HDMI(0) and see what happens. I’d turn the TV on and set its input to the Pi before booting up the Pi.

I have been trying to get a video signal from my new rpi 4 (4GB) using the official micro-hdmi / hdmi adapter and some other adapters (vga, hdmi), but no luck. The screen stays completely blank…

I can connect to the raspi via SSH and/or VNC, where I can see the new desktop in all its beauty!

Does anyone have an idea how I could get this working – or do you think there is something wrong with the micro hdmi connectors?

I just found the solution myself! ;-)

The Pibow Coupé 4 case is a little bit too wide at the position of the micro hdmi ports. You have to press the micro hdmi adapter really hard into the connector to get a good contact.

I will probably file off a little bit of the Pibow case in the near future to make sure of a good contact…

I also have my Pi 4B in a coupe case. I haven’t had that issue, my official cable plugs in just fine?

I like to use HDMI LCD TVs over monitors. I use two primarily and I had the same issue as you may read above. Below is how I cured it for now and it is consistently working now.
I had to make changes in the config.txt in /boot and uncomment “hdmi_safe=1” and uncomment"hdmi_force_hotplug=1" and then uncomment and change “config_hdmi_boost=9”

Have you tried these two solutions? https://youtu.be/JYrGoLbiyj8

Yes.It does ‘‘work’’ ,and you may have read the method iI used. It is a variant of changing the config.txt. It must have hdmi mode to 1 (safemode) and hdmi boost must also be 9. Just as the video informs. I also did try the bootloader reinstall which did nothing different (it was seeming to work right as LEDs read before anyways, just wasn’t video).
I haven’t tried the OS unmodified or somewhat changed on various screens TVs and vga/dvi/hdmi monitors too much as of yet to see my best display options.
One thing I noticed was there seems to be a RAM barrier of sorts on GPU. Past 512mb it doesn’t work. I am using the 4gig RAM pi4.
I have had some networking issues (hard to connect, dropping) I don’t have on pi3s , pi2, pi0. & dongles. It seems to be more my providers router in combo with the pi4 as it connects and interacts fine with other devices so far, the couple times.