Screen showing "No Signal

My son received the Picade for Christmas. After setting up and switching on he gets the following on screen:-
First “HDMI” and then “No Signal” I have tried adding the line “hdmi_force_hoyplug=1” to the config.txt file but still not working.
Can anyone please help?
Thank you

Pi 4B, HDMI 0, its the one closest to the USB C power jack?

I’m also having this problem with my Raspberry Pi 4B and I have the cable plugged into HDMI 0, but if I switch the display away from my Pi and back to my Windows PC (my monitor has two HDMI ports) it will tell me there’s no signal. I have tried adding the lines suggested here, but no luck:

I have tried to debug it by only having the Pi plugged in and I get the same result. I have also tried to remove the Pi from the case to remove the possibility that it might not be making contact all the way with the pins, and same thing happens.

For me, my monitor has to be plugged into HDMI 0 and turned on “before” I boot up my Pi 4B. If I forget to turn it on, or plug it in after the Pi boots up I get no signal.

Could I achieve this by just rebooting my Pi while the monitor is on? If so, I have tried this, and it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Rebooting with my monitor on and plugged in will get it back to working again.

If I do that, the display will show up, and everything works normal again, but then as soon as I switch back to Windows, it breaks again.

REPLY TO ALPHANUMERIC (replies are limited to 3 for me):
I’m guessing you would get a no signal. but I don’t know how to resolve this issue.

I haven’t tried unplugging my HDMI and then plugging it back in on a running Pi 4, but I’m guessing I’ll get a no signal.

I’m guessing you would get a no signal. but I don’t know how to resolve this issue. Every time I switch away from the display connected to the Pi, it goes back to the “no signal” screen and I have to reboot (which in my case means forcefully unplugging the power cable from the Pi)

Your going to have to shut the Pi down before unplugging the monitor. Or enable SSH so you can shut it down from another PI or PC over your LAN. I can do it via putty from my Windows PC. I can reboot it too if I want.

I do shut off the Pi before I unplug the HDMI cable, but the main problem I have is that even when I don’t want to switch off the Pi and I only want to change the monitor to Windows instead of Raspberry Pi OS, it will cause the “no signal” issue when I switch back. I have enabled SSH but I’ll need to fix my internet before I can properly test that, since (for some reason) every other device on my network has no issue connecting to a WPA-EAP network (even another Linux machine) but the Pi doesn’t connect properly.

The screen is now working but it is Up-side-down and Back to Front? Does anyone have any ideas?