HDMI to DVI adapters of very poor quality


I had ordered two of the HDMI to DVI adapters on my last order. I guess at only 2.50 a pop I shouldn’t have been surprised that they weren’t the best. One almost falls off of the cable and the other one won’t plug in at all. Both of the HDMI cables from the same order will not plug in all the way. The black piece in the center of the adapter appears to be blocking it. Don’t get me wrong, you guys have some top notch stuff, and I’ll keep buying from you. These items appear to be of very poor quality though and I thought you should know. I don’t want a replacement, shipping charges to Canada are hardly worth it for a 2.50 item.


Eek! I’m sorry they didn’t live up to expectations. :-( Could you email support@pimoroni.com, please, and we’ll get everything sorted for you? :-)


One is still usable, just have to be carful not to tug on the HDMI cable or it will unplug easily. It’s only 3 buck Canadian so I’m not worried about getting a replacement. Just a heads up that they aren’t the best quality and you might get similar complaints.


Well, definitely still email and we’ll get a refund sorted for you. :-)


Will do it now. After trying to plug one of the HDMI cables into the adapter that doesn’t work, that cable now doesn’t work. Bent pins or something? No signal anyway. Link to this thread?


Done deal, thank you. Top notch customer service. =)