Heat Sink

Hi there,
I’m about to order the new Pi 3B+. I’m thinking of getting the 6mm heatsink but just want to doublecheck it’ll fit please. I assume so but I guess even a mm difference might throw accessories out of whack. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/heatsink
Many thanks in advance

It doesn’t quite sit underneath a fully pushed down HAT, but does fit in some cases. Your mileage will vary depending on what HAT you use. Unicorn HAT, for example, is fine since it has no reverse mounted components.

The heat-spreader on the Pi 3B+ does help with the temperature, I think @sandyjmacdonald has been doing some testing to see just how much, so a heatsink might be less useful.

I think I might have been testing a 7.5mm heatsink :D (really hard to tell them apart unless they’re together) so the 6mm is generally far more compatible but still occasionally needs a little care to avoid butting up to the underside of HATs