CPU cooling options



Does anyone have any comparative stats of the two heatsinks here: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/heatsink

i.e. does the 7.5mm provide an appreciable difference drop in core temperature compared to the 6mm one?

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I never no evidence but I doubt the difference would be much at all and you should only need one in the first place if you are pushing your pi to the max


I’m tend to agree. The Slice forums are full of people who’s upgraded their Slice to Compute Module 3 and are using everything from glued together bits of copper to crushed copper pipe as a heatsink for a very heavily loaded CM3 in an enclosed environment. Outside of extreme circumstances any thermal dissipation on the Pi CPU makes enough of a difference that the difference between different types wouldn’t matter much.

We did test a whole bunch of heatsinks with an IR camera, though, which is what prompted the vent holes at the bottom of the Pibow 3 Coupe (previous holes weren’t for air, but rather LEGO). I don’t know if we kept any of that data though!

For best cooling, and flair, though, I’d suggest picking up a 5V DC 20mm fan. I offer this advice more because I think they look adorable than for any practical reason, but moving a little air over a 6mm heatsink would most likely net you better cooling than a larger heatsink alone.


Thanks for the feedback so far – it is hard to imagine that it would give much of a difference!

The problem with our setup isn’t so much the CPU load but the ambient temperature - the board is in a (largish) enclosure, but this is mounted outdoors, likely in direct sunlight, in a part of the world where 45C+ temperatures are not uncommon!

we have a stirrer fan in the enclosure, but just trying to dissipate as much heat as we can.