Help, have I broken my Sense Hat

I shutdown my Raspberry pi 3 and removed the 40 pin ribbon cable from the pi 3 gpio pins.

A short time later I connected the ribbon cable to the gpio pins on the pi 3, BUT inadvertently connected it the wrong way round so that pin 1 on the cable was on pin 40 of the pi3, and then powered the pi3 back up again.

As soon as I realised what I a done, as all the Sense Hat leds were lit up, and stayed that way, I shut down the pi 3.
Now , after connecting the ribbon cable the correct way round and powered up, all the leds were still lit up all the time now.

I tried to make a python file with : from sense_hat import Sensehat, but produced an error message saying it could not import from sensehat.

It doesn’t look good now!

Is there anything that could be done to bring the SenseHat back to what it was before my silly error?


The answer may be no unfortunately.

Just to clarify, is the Sense HAT connected to the ribbon cable?

Yes it is connected to a true 40 pin ribbon cable the correct way round. Pin 1 ribbon cable to pin 1 sensehat.
I have also tried the sensehat connected direct to the gpio pins on the pi 3, and still all the leds light up and stay lit.

So it’s a goner then? Oh well, c,est la vie.