Sensehat with BlackHat Not working

Brought blackhat so I could move the sensehat away from the Pi2 as the Pi heat was messing up the temp reading. I cant get it to work and there are no instructions for with the blackhat (newbie warning!).

To start with I simply connected the provided gpio cable from the Pi to Sensehat but the Sensehat does not boot properly - LEDs light up but not as expected. Attach pic. Any ideas welcomed.

you are inverting the rows of pins, that’s really not advisable (in addition to not lead to correct operations)!

To convince yourself that is the case hold the Sense HAT over the Raspberry Pi and check your own picture, the top row on the Pi will be hooked to the bottom on the HAT.

To use the Black HAT, you would connect the HAT to the pins nearer the writing. The GPIO cable would land on the pins nearer the edge. See the following picture:

Just got my BlackHat

Sense hat now away from the Pi and the sensors are giving proper readings
Great product for this…needs to be right way round though :)


I use the female to male jumper jerky over ribbon cables. I hate having to think direction changes in amidst everything else I am working on. I use a test light/continuity tester alot. I solder header extenders in place of just male headers on my pi zeros and pHats. This way I have two access points to every GPIO and makes using a ribbon cable easier (place double ended male header in bottom/female end of soldered in extender header.
With the sense hat I found Jessie release 2-26 I think it was to work more flawlessly with my sensehat when constructing my Astro-Pi and adding the buttons. On the latest two versions of jessie (3/16 & 5/16) I was having a problem getting my buttons attached to the GPIOs to work.