Help PAM8302A



I badly need your help
I own the amplifactor PAM8302 from Adafruit:

I have a Pi zero with a Phat Dac sound card:

As I use a passive speaker I wanted to connect the PAM8302 except that I do not know how to connect it to my Pi zero with Phat Dac.

Could you tell me or connect it on GPIO or other?

Thank you in advance.


Do you have the PAM8302 soldered and connected to your speaker?

I’m not sure what the wiring of the 3.5mm jack to screw terminal adaptor you’re using is like but I’m going to guess it’s effectively mono audio with a connection to one of the audio channels and a connection to ground.

You should be able to solder wires to the A+ and A- terminals on the PAM8302 and connect these wires to the 3.5mm jack via your screw terminal adaptor. The ground connection should go to A- ideally, although since they’re differential I’m not totally convinced it matters.


You could also just solder some wires to the solder pads where the RCA jacks would go on the pHat DAC. Where the big white R and L are. One of the large solder pads and one of the small ones, assuming the small ones are ground. Big solder pad to the A+ and small pad to the A-. No fiddling with that screw terminal adapter. Being a mono jack I’m guessing its shorting out one channel anyway, which might not be good for the pHat DAC.


I have a similar stereo version connected to a Pi 3B+. I just used this Right-Angle 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Pigtail Cable. One end pugged into the Pi’s audio jack the other soldered to the amplifier breakout board. I also have a Potentiometer wired in between the two for a volume control.


hello i use this topic :
all works great
thank you so much for your help