Helping Hands

I was browsing the website & found these products . Plus sparkfun-third-hand-parts and products/flexible-coolant-pipe-1ft-1-2 . I tried to combined them to make something similar to .

Attaching the Panavise parts was easy. Attaching the Flexible Coolant Pipe 1ft was slightly more difficult, getting the threads to line up. But the real problem was & is removing the nozzle end without damaging it, so that I can put the screw (SparkFun Third Hand Parts Kit) for the into the inside (from the back) of the nozzle

How do I remove the nozzles, without damaging them or me (5 months in hospital was enough)? I have tried pliers.

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They are, indeed, super, super difficult to pull off. I haven’t attempted it for a long time, but I think I twisted them slightly to one side.

Thanks I will try that later.

Having tested again with a set here… they really are tricky. I found some success just snapping between the blue links with a twist/bend action rather than taking off the very tip.