Submersible water pump receptacle


I just bought a submersible water pump from the store: Mini Submersible Water Pump (Grow) – Pimoroni

Does anyone know the part number for a receptacle that mates with the connector?

The pump datasheet doesn’t detail that, at least not in a language I can read :)

For the hose / tubing? I think you just use this? And press fit it on the pump outlet.
Silicone Tube (1m) (Grow) – Pimoroni

Sorry I mean the power connector

The connector on the pumps is Molex Picoblade-compatible - 2P 1.25mm pitch, we should have some compatible cables on the shop soon.

I had typed in the following reply days ago but must have forgot to click the final reply button? It was there just not posted?

Ok, they plug into the Grow Hat and on its product page it states the following.

  • 3 x Picoblade 2P-compatible connectors with MOSFETs for turning low current 5v devices on and off.

Grow HAT Mini (HAT only) – Pimoroni

Thanks that is what I was looking for!

2P Picoblade-compatible cables now available :) 2-pin Picoblade-compatible cables for Grow pumps etc (pack of 3) – Pimoroni