Hiperpixel Square Display and UART problems


I installed the latest version of the hyperpixel square display for raspberry pi.
However, I was using an RFDI device on the UART 14/15 port and it stopped responding after configuring the display.

What’s the problem ? What’s the solution ?

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The Hyperpixel uses those pins and repurposes them to special functions.
I think your looking at a one or the other but not both situation.
Hyperpixel at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Any solution/suggestion to free uart ports ? I only need RX pin!

No, sorry, above my skill level if even possible?

Maybe I can turn off the touch and change the GPIO to free ports 14 and 15 !!

Anyone with this experience?

Or go with a USB to UART adapter?

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If I disable pin GPIO 33, I loose some green color, but is good enough!! How I can map pin GPIO 33 to ignore display settings ?