Hyperpixel Round display

Which gpios on the Rasberry Pi are not connected to the hyperpixel display???
or which ones are connected??

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this should help, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0174/1800/files/Hyperpixel_Round_PIM579_Pinout.png?v=1658310805
everything is on the hyperpixel shop page, just scroll down the page .HyperPixel 2.1 Round - Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi - Pimoroni

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The short answer is, none of them, it uses all of the GPIO pins.
This is for the square version but interface wise, as far as I know, it uses the same pins.
Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

If its none touch you “might” be able to snag 1 or 2 pins?