Connecting CAN HAT to Pi Zero with HyperPixel 2.1" (Round)


I would like to make some tests with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W together with the HyperPixel 2.1" round display. In addition, I want to read a sensor that works with CAN bus, so a CANbus HAT to translate from CAN to SPI is required in my case.

My question is regarding the pins that the HyperPixel 2.1" require to work. I’ve read that this screen requires all 40pin from the Raspberry. However, in the Pinout schematic ( it looks like not all pins are used. I’ve also tried to find which pins are really used in the github repository (GitHub - pimoroni/hyperpixel2r-python) but I’ve not been able to find the answer.

Up to the point, could anybody tell me which pins are really being used (and the aim of each one?). There would be two use cases. I would like to maintaing the touch option available, however, if disabling this application helps to get free some SPI pins from the Raspberry, there wpule be no problem.


I do believe the round uses the same pins as the 4.
Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
Which is all of them.