How can I connect gigabit ethernet

I have got a raspberry pi 4.
I connect ethernet connect and copy to raspberry pi 4 from my pc.
I check speed on ‘Task Manager’ of windows10. The speed is around 50Mbps that is not Gigabit.
I look at LED lamp left side is green, right side is orange. Is it means 100Mbps.
How do I do to use gigabit.

So is the Pi connected directly to your PC?

Both of the devices at each end of the Ethernet cable have to be capable of Gigabit. If your PC only has a 100Mbps port then that’s as fast as it’ll be able to run.

I do believe you also have to have the proper ethernet cables.
And, if your going through a switch or router, it also has to support gigabyte speeds.

If you type
sudo ethtool eth0
from a terminal, it will show you the negotiated speed. My pi4 shows the same green/orange leds for 100Mbs and 1000Mbs. As alphanumeric says, you should have cat5e cable or higher - I have one 5e that only works at 100, so might be worth changing it.