How do I setup Hyperpixel 4 on a RetroPi?

Ahoy there, I’m looking for some advise on how to setup a HyperPixel 4.0 (non-touch) on a RetroPi install. Is it just a case of dropping to terminal and running the following, or is further setup required?

curl | bash

RetroPie is really just a modified version of Raspbian, so running the installer should be all that’s required! :-)

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I’m trying to do this myself but the screen rotation commands don’t seem to be working and my screen is stuck in portrait mode. Any ideas?

Same here. Ignored the warnings about drivers causing issues (No.177 on github) but retropie is ALWAYS in portrait mode and I’m done changing config.txt after exhausting my internet searches to get a landscape retropie screen.
I hope someone figures this out soon as it’s a pain.