How do I uninstall the onoffshim?

I just received the hyperpixel 4, and installed it on a Pi Zero-W which I previously had the onoffshim installed on.

When I rebooted the screen, it’s all colour shifted and predominantly green in colour.

I then reinstalled a fresh image and installed the hyperpixel which worked perfectly.

I then installed the onoffshim, and the screen is now again showing green.

So there is obviously a conflict between the onoffshim and the hyperixel.

But how do I now uninstall only the onoffshim without having to wipe everything and start all over again. Again.

Ta. :)

Yup- the HyperPixel uses all the pins.

I believe you can just “sudo systemctl disable cleanshutd”.

Okay, tried that, and… It worked. Ta. :)

It’s a bit rubbish though. You would have thought that the off switch would be compatible. :(

yeah it does suck,but thats the way the Pi goes round,i have gotten in the habit of checking before i try/buy the devices ,i use this to check most hats and ,dont tink the hyperpixel is in the list yet though

It’s the same as the older HyperPixel board when it comes to pin usage- basically ALLL THE PINS -

This is because it’s using an 18bit parallel display bus. Sadly unavoidable ;(