How to chain 64x32 panels

Hello, I’m trying to chain 2x 64x32 matrix panels with Interstate 75 W (Pico W Aboard) and MicroPython. I’ve got the sample code of ‘Hello World’ to show but they just duplicate themselves on both panels. There is some ghosting of LEDs too. Eventually, I want to chain 9x such panels to make a cricket scoreboard as a gift to the local club. The scoreboard will be like so, labels in decals and chained [Panel].

RUNS [ ] [ ] [ ]
OVERS [ ] [ ]
TARGET. [ ] [ ] [ ]

I will need to rotate 90 each panel to show a single digit and the data entry will be controlled by a HTML page with incrementers(have managed to reserve an IP on my router).

I’ve recently retired and am absolutely new to coding but happy to learn. If the above is possible, can someone please help? Thanks.

I have two 64x32 panels setup on an Interstate 75W. I should be able help with some of it. Have you seen this?
Getting Started with Interstate 75 (

Mine are setup vertically for a physical 64x64 array. As far as the i75 is concerned though, its 128x32. And that’s what I had to code for.
The code setup goes like this.

from interstate75 import Interstate75
from interstate75 import Interstate75, SWITCH_A, SWITCH_B
i75 = Interstate75(display=Interstate75.DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_128X32)

graphics = i75.display

It’s been a while since I have done any coding on my i75. I may have to go reread some stuff to get back up to speed but I don’t mind doing that.
Note that if you’re chaining panels, PicoGraphics only currently supports these specific arrangements of matrix panels (WxH):

  • 32x32, 64x32, 96x32, 128x32
  • 64x64, 128x64, 192x64, 256x64

pimoroni-pico/micropython/modules/picographics/ at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (

I don’t think rotate is supported on the i75? I’m pretty sure that’s SPI only?