How to clean Trackball Breakout


I bought the trackball breakout module. It is mostly good, but I have one issue with it. The store page says the plastic casing "can be popped off to clean the trackball or roller’, implying that the trackball and rollers are cleanable. This claim affected my decision to but the product. However, getting at the rollers to actually clean them involves complex disassembly, and then even more fiddly reassembly afterwards.

The trackball jammed in one direction due to dirt on the rollers, so it is necessary to do this for the product to keep working

Can you please send me the detailed instructions for disassembling the module, cleaning the rollers, and reassembling? I cannot find them online anywhere.


Your brave, I got as far as removing the black plastic cover and holding the ball part in my hand. That’s as far as my curiosity let me go. Mine has no issues so I bailed and put it all back together.

I have several Logitech Trackballs, on those the ball just pops out with a little help from a pencil. There is an access hole on the bottom. You just pop the ball out using the eraser end of the pensile. Clean out the fluff and put it back in.

The trackball breakout has a touch / button feature that blocks any bottom access. I’m not sure your really supposed to take the white Ball unit apart?