How to configure keysettings for each game individually for picade?


I have the picade from pimoroni and use it for example with the C64 emulator. Within the picade there is the special Picade PCB board which does the keymapping that should be reprogrammable. My problem now is that the default mapping does not work for every game - instead I would like to have an individual key mapping for each game (on each emulator - not only the C64).

Because I am not so familar with retropi (I have read a lot but found no solution to my problem), my question is if there is a way to have such an individual keymapping for each game under retropi? The config could be a text file, but should automatically applied when starting a game.


hello, not a reto-pi expert ,a novice at best ,i do have it install on one of my Pi’s and use it once in awhile ,using SNES controller, i did read a bit of the info there ,but haven’t see any thing on setting for individual games … ,so i don’t have an answer ,just a link where you might find info your looking for …