What keymappings are you using?

I just built my Picade (which is amazing btw) and fired up retropie 4. Things are moving along quite nicely, but now I’m having some button mapping issues. I’ve gone through and edited the config to get at least basic things working, but it occurs to me that pretty much everyone here has already had to do the leg work.

Has anyone posted good working configs that give you things like the coin buttons in the front and maybe pinball flippers on the sides? I’ve done some searching around the forum but it’s entirely possible I’m not looking for the right things.



Unless you are doing something custom, the only buttons that are programed with RetroPi/Emulation Station are the Joystick and the Top 6 buttons. Start/Select (on the front) and Vol +/Vol - (on the left) and Escape/Enter (on the right) are all hard coded by the Picade firmware.

If you want to change these but still use the keyboard emulation function of the Picade, then you need to use a Python script or custom firmware.

If you want to change the entire setup to Joystick emulation then there are many posts about that on this forum.

I the only real customization I did was to move Vol- from the left to the right side. From there I was playing with remapping the other keyboard keys inside the emulator config… I just have these lovely big buttons now and I want to poke them. I’m happy to have the volume stay constant…

I’ll check into the python script. I typically try to avoid firmware since I’ve made a few bricks over the years. :)
This thread looks highly promising. New 2.x Configurable Keyboard/Gamepad Firmware