Yet another button mapping noob

Ok, I’ve spent hours searching the internet, youtube, and pimoroni forums.
There seems to be no definitive answer as to how to map the bloody buttons.
The instructions seem to end rather abruply after the “…picade | bash…” part.

Can some kind soul please update the following for when I do the “Input Configuration” for the 50th time?
[Picade] [Console Name] [Physical Keyboard Key to hit during configuration]
Joy Up
Joy Down
Joy Left
Joy Right

Thanks so much in advance!
This really should be a sticky somewhere!

Are you asking how to map the buttons for use in the shell?

I believe the instructions, questionable as they are, detail using a keyboard in the very last step of details, but the expected approach is that you map the buttons within RetroPie and utilise a keyboard for ‘guest’ activity.

I certainly wouldn’t want to try and navigate anything but a game without a keyboard… but if you’re dead keen then you will need to utilise xev / xmodmap (if running X).

IMO, any other path will not be worth the effort…

Thanks, Seal.
I’ve sucessfully mapped the picade to match this diagram:

Here’s a concrete scenario of what I’d like.
I have Atari 2600 Pitfall.
Right now, the upper-yellow button (#1 - “B”) is the “jump” button.
Let’s say I want “jump”, for Pitfall only, to be the lower-yellow button (#4 - “A”).
How do I do that?

I’m thinking it’s in the runncommand menu that pops up right before the game starts, option #9 “Edit custom RetroArch config for this ROM”.

But what do I put in there, this?:

Finally, how do people map their hotkey to the Picade, when all the keys there are already spoken for?
There’s got to be a better way to quit a game that hitting a key on the keyboard + the start key on the Picade.

Thanks for all your help!

As I understand it, that’s exactly where you’d make the specific change you’re attempting… I have to admit, it’s not something I’ve done (although now I am thinking of a hundred use cases where I could).

I’ll attempt to test myself later for the format / composition, but ultimately it will be updating a text-file on the file-system, which opens the door to unlimited options for updating that config file on a schedule, remotely etc.

The hotkey should be assigned to the Escape button on the Picade, so you can quit a game by pressing this and the Start button.

I think you can change the button settings for an individual game by pressing the hotkey button with the X button while the game is running. This opens Retroarch, with its labyrinthine menus. I’ve never done this myself, so I don’t know where & how you change the settings in Retroarch. Try the RetroPie web site if you can’t figure it out.

Thanks, moronc. Steep learning curve with this stuff, and I have a CS degree!