How to connect Blinkt without GPIO insertion?

I need to connect Pimoroni Blinkt to Raspberry Pi without inserting it into GPIO ports.
Reason: As LIDAR is connected to RPi with a base, the GPIO ports are not so accessible. I would attach a picture below for your easy understanding.

Can I buy some connector or wire that I can connect to GPIO and insert in Blinkt? (and fix Blinkt on the side). If yes, which one should I buy?

I am a newbie to hardware projects, so the question may be silly. But kindly don’t refrain from answering. Thanks a zillion in advance.

That’s quite a stack!

Would a Nano HAT Hacker (soldered to the GPIO, with a male header to plug the Blinkt! into soldered on the other side) do the job?

Thank you so much for the reply. It was very helpful.

In the mentioned HAT, I won’t be able to screw in the lidar base to Pi (because the holes in RPi would be shadowed by the HAT). Hence, ordered the product below. Hope it would suffice.

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The pinout for the LED Shim is here. It uses i2c which is good, less chance of conflicts with other devices.

LED SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout