How to safely shutdown a Hyperpixel 2.1?

Using a Hyperpixel 2.1 with a Pi Zero, as I understand it, all GPIO pins are used by the Hyperpixel. So how do I safely shutdown the Pi if I can’t run an OnOff Shim or a UPS of some sort?

Is there any products around that would send the shutdown signal through the secondary I2C bus on the Hyperpixel? I still want to utilize the I2C bus for a Canbus board.

My application is an automotive gauge, reading and displaying information from the car ECU through Canbus. I want to safely shut down the Pi and Hyperpixel when the ignition is turned off. I can use the 12V battery (through a 5V power supply to the Pi USB) to power the Pi, and I can use the switching 12V ignition to provide a signal to shutdown (through a relay possibly).

As an alternate solution, if I didn’t need/use the touchscreen, would that free up those GPIO pins on the Pi?