HT0740 Breakout Wiring


Concerning pimoroni’s HT0740 Switch Breakout, could someone help me with wiring?

The breakout has + - markings but I don’t know if I should place the device being switched on one or the other lines…


I do believe the way it goes is your power supplies +V goes to the + screw contact. And then the other - Contact is wired to the load (the device being switched on). That insures current flow is + to - through the switch breakout. That’s one way to do it anyway.
What is the device you want to switch on?

Hi @alphanumeric, nice to talk to you again!

I’m switching a 12v 300mA IR led light (a cctv type of thing)

Ok, its pretty well as I described.
Power Supply +12V to + on breakout
breakout - to IR LED + terminal
IR LED - to 12V power supply -

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