ICM20948 --- I2C pins voltage supported

Hi there,
I would like to know if the Pimoroni sensor board with the ICM-20948 which accetps a range on power voltages also converts the voltage on the I2C port of the device which it is limited to 1.8V
any schematics of this breakout board?
ICM20948 9DoF Motion Sensor Breakout – Pimoroni

I’m running my 0.96" SPI Color LCD (160x80) Breakouts from 5V. They have been running like this for weeks and no harm done to the Pi Zero. I have three displays connected to SPI1
It’s my understanding that the logic level out is 3.3V regardless of whether you power with 5V or 3.3V.

As far as I know, the Breakout Garden breakouts are level-shifted so that the sensor will have its desired IO voltage, and then that gets converted to 3.3v before it reaches the I2C bus.

Thank you alphanumeric and Shoe. From your experience with the breakout board confirms there is a level-shifter for the I2C port which must be biddirectional and limited to the input voltage of the board.
So If I use 2V @ VCC the I2C level-shifted should be between 2V->1.8V and 1.8V->2V