Hyperpixel 2.1 Display issues on older RasPis

I’m attempting to set up a Hyperpixel 2.1 with a Raspberry Pi Zero V1.1w, I’ve followed the guides on both setting up the display and the touch drivers, including using the pygame error fix shown on the touch driver github.

When using the RasPi4, example apps display correctly, however on my Pi3b+ and the intended Zero 1.1w, apps are drawn off centre and incorrectly (Pi3b+ pictured, same on the Zero). I’m using the version of Buster provided on the product page to avoid the issues with Bullseye.

Does anyone have any insight as to how to fix this? I was under the impression the Pi4 was the less stable option for HyperPixel displays at the moment.

Try updating to a newer version of Pygame!

Thanks a lot, that fixed it completely!

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