HyperPixel 4.0: sizzling of the screen


I have 3 hyperpixel screen with touchscreen and without and I have the same problem on all screen. After approximately 30 minutes the screen sizzle. So i has disable the screensaver, now the problem is present after 3 hours. Do you have idea about this problem? I use fake KMS maybe opengl is the problem.

Thank you.


What do you mean by “sizzle” ? An audible sound?

Why are you using fake KMS? If its what I think it is, its illegal?

What I usually do is install xscrensaver, reboot, launch it and then disable it. The screen doesn’t blank out anymore once you do that.

XScreenSaver is disable. I use fake KMS because my application is writed in Qml with opengl functions. The sizzling screen is only for the visual not for the sound.

What does fake KMS have to do with Qml or opengl ? Sorry to go on about this but that is really confusing? And if I do a web search for fake KMS it takes me to places I don’t want to go.

So the sizzle is a screen saver? Thats turning on even when you don’t want it to?

What does your App actually do, might help determine what’s not working as it should.

My application is writed with QML, to use maps, qml use opengl. On the raspberry pi, you need use fake KMS or full KMS to use opengl, but hyperpixel don’t support full KMS.
I don’t know if xscreensaver is the responsible.

Ok, looks like the fake KMS you are using isn’t what I thought it was. In the Windows world its a way of cheating activation.
And unfortunately I don’t have the skills to help you with your other issue. :(