HyperPixel 4 calibration off when in "left" orientation

The HyperPixel 4 calibration is off when in “left” orientation

When I have the following setting:

Screen Configuration > Orientation > Normal

It all works fine. But when I change it to:

Screen Configuration > Orientation > Left

…it is as if the calibration of the touch is still in some sort of “normal” mode, and is off by 90 degrees of tilt (if that makes any sense.) It’s basically unusable… but it is clearly registering my finger touch, so it seems like a simple calibration issue?

It’s as if the “touch” part doesn’t also orient itself “left”

Ok, I think I figured this out on my own.

Don’t use the Linux GUI to rotate the screen.

Only rotate it through terminal, for example:

hyperpixel4-rotate left