Hyperpixel Magic Smoke?

I managed to install my Pi Zero reversed on my Hyperpixel. The display let out the magic smoke, but not from anything obvious. AS a technical exercise I was thinking about taking a swing at fixing it. At the moment, the display is black, without any backlight, so I was looking at the LED backlight circuit which seems to be pretty simple, but has no signs of burning.

I am sure that this must have happened before, any idea on what might have gone up from the reversed pins?

Have you ever done any Surface Mount Technology repair?
Replacing a SMT chip “if thats what is required” isn’t the easiest thing to do for a hobbyist.

Yes I have done SMD work before and have all the tools. I was hoping somebody could supply some insight on what gets damaged if the boards are plugged in backwards.

OK then, I wish you good luck. The pinout is here if that helps.

Tech support might give you a schematic if you give them an e-mail.