Pi Zero + Hyperpixel 4 blank screen

I’ve got a pi zero and the pimoroni solderless gpio pins. I installed the gpio pins without any issue and then went to attach my hyper pixel 4.0 display. The backlight goes on, but the display remains blank after running the driver bash script. I rebooted and got some green flashing on the display but then it went blank again with the backlight on.

I haven’t managed to get the display to work with the pi zero but I have tested it with the raspberry pi 4 after running the bash script for the pi 4 and it worked. I used the same SD card and plugged it into the pi 4b.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated with getting the display to work with the pi zero.

I just want to confirm, you bought the Hammer header?

Because if its the following, its not going to work.

Thanks for the reply, yes its the first link you put.

Ok, one or more of the pins must not be making a good connection?
How did you put it in place?

I think you’re right.
I improvised installation of the pins without the installation jig, so I’ve ordered the proper kit now and i’ll update if i’m still having issues.

There is a Pi Zero W with pre-soldered header, unfortunately its out of stock.