When using a Raspberry Pi Zero W Hyperpixel 4.0 Rectangular touchscreen display, the screen is completely black (as in it look like the display is off)

Describe the bug

The screen is completely black (as in it looks like its turned off)

To Reproduce

Install through the one-line-installer on a Raspberry Pi Zero W either with Buster Legacy or Bullseye and select rectangular for Raspberry Pi 3B or older, then reboot.
The one line installer I typed was curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel4 | bash

Which HyperPixel 4 board are you using?

I am using the PIM369 board

1. Is it Square or Rectangular? Rectangular
2. Touch or non Touch? It is Touch
3. Approximately when was it purchased December 13th 2021
4. How is it connected to your Pi GPIO pins

Give as much detail about your Pi and OS as possible.

I tried installing on both Bullseye and Buster, neither worked. On Bullseye the Hyperpixel4 display was black (As in it looked like it was turned off). However, even though it was black If I touched it with my finger the mouse cursor would move around on the HDMI monitor which I also had connected to the Raspberry Pi Zero W. When it was on Buster the HDMI monitor got stuck on the rainbow screen and the Hyperpixel4 display still stayed black (As in it looked like it was turned off).

1. What model of Raspberry Pi are you using

I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero W

2. Which OS release are you using:

I have tried on both Debian version: 10 (buster) released January 28th 2022 and Debian version: 11 (bullseye) released January 28th 2022.

3. Is this a fresh OS setup, or one you might have previously installed scripts/add-ons on?

This is a fresh setup

Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

Zero W or Zero 2 W, just want to confirm. It would be easy to mix them up.

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W (not the 2)

Ok, if it was a Zero 2 it could explain things, it has a very different SOC compared to a regular Zero.