HyperPixel 4.0 w/Touch - Shorting boards when installed

Good afternoon,

I recently received a HyperPixel 4 w/touch. After booting a fresh image of Rpi OS, installing the software via script, shutting down, and attaching the screen, my SBCs will not boot with the screen attached. I have tested on a Rpi 4B as well as a Rpi Zero W. Both units exhibit the same behavior, with the added bonus of the Rpi 4B growing extremely hot and emitting a magic smoke smell after 10 seconds with both the HP4 and power connected. Both boards booted fine after detaching the HP4. Seems like a short within the component to me. Please let me know if there are some troubleshooting steps I’m missing or if I just received a defective unit.

Thank you!

That’s an extremely bad sign! How are you connecting it to the Pi boards, and are you certain the pins were lined up properly?

If so probably the only thing to do is contact Pimoroni via support@pimoroni.com, but I’ve no idea how it could fail so badly to actually cause the Pi boards to short like that.

I agree! Yep I used the riser for the Pi 4 and went straight to the headers on the Zero. I also tried a ribbon cable just to make sure the pins were aligned.

I’ve emailed support. I’ll update the thread with their response. If the power pin(s) on the HP4 were shorted to ground, it would cause all of the power from the psu to go to the short instead of the board. That’s what I’m imagining has happened - I might grab the pinout and verify while I wait around for support.