Pi 4B not booting with Hyperpixel 4.0 connected

My Rpbi 4B is not booting at all with the Hyperpixel 4.0" plugged in. (Using official USB-C PSU)

All the guides I’ve seen so far seem to have the Pi running with the Hyperpixel connected.

I wanted to make sure I don’t have a faulty unit before diving into a slew of support forums. Is normal behaviour?

I’ve followed the official install guide exactly so far.

Any help really appreciated.

What happens exactly?
Does the status LED blink?

Did you have anything connected previously to the GPIO header?
Something that maybe had you reconfigure / setup some GPIO pins for a specific function?

On further inspection I am booting into Raspbian, just nothing on the Hyperpixel.
Desktop appears split between DSI/HDMI with the Hyperpixel boot code enabled.

Previously connected to a breadboard (via ribbon cable & T-cobbler) to an RFID reader and OLED screen for my first project.
I was careful to include the GPIO.cleanup() line at the end of the code for the reader.

Other than that, I’ve only connected to the GPIO extension within the Agon one case. I’m currently testing without the case.

Thanks & hope you can help!

If enabled I would turn off i2c and SPI etc. My best guess is something from before may have left a line in your config.txt or turned something on that messes with the hyperpixel. The hyperpixel uses all of the GPIO and repurposes those pins.

No luck with disabling SPI/i2c so far :(

All enabled lines in /boot/config.txt are as follows:-


dpi_timings=480 10 16 59 800 0 15 113 15 0 0 0 60 0 32000000 6

The only other thing I can think of was attempting to connect the display to the Agon case’s GPIO extension, though I’ve no idea why that would be an issue.

Fingers crossed I’m overlooking something simple!

It will likely be easier to just start over with a fresh image / install. I have no idea what the Hyperpixel install enables etc. A lot of GPIO connected displays use SPI, I don’t think the Hyperpixel does though, not in the standard way anyway.
The pinout is here, Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

No luck with a fresh image. Apologies for the delay.

Anything else left to try?

I don’t know what else to try? I don’t own a Hyperpixel, just so you know.
You could go here and e-mail Pimoroni.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni
I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail.