Hyperpixel 4 landscape console


I hope you can help.
I have just bought a hyperpixel 4 and plugged into pi4 with the latest bookworm os.
It works well and i can get the screen into landscape using the screen configuration and touch works fine. However i would like to boot to a console prompt in landscape and can’t seem to find any workable solution.

Can anyone give some pointers.


The last post on The Big Github Thread (PSA: HyperPixel 4 (Square & Rectangular) on Raspberry Pi OS 64bit 2022-04-04 · Issue #177 · pimoroni/hyperpixel4 · GitHub) may be useful.

Either i am not typing correctly or something else as the suggested cmdline.txt entry did nothing. Neither does the suggestion in config.txt.

Is there something i am missing?