Hyperpixel 4 - Touchscreen support


I have an Hyperpixel4 with touch capabilities, and a Pi 0 W running a custom image build from buildroot.

The display is working , but the touch not.

The github repository I have used is: https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4/tree/pi3

These are the steps I have followed:

  • Make the .dts and put the .dtbo into the sdcard overlays directory
  • Build the hyperpixel4-init.c to run on the pi 0 w (I do not need python on my image so I found a .c init file in an old repository that I can not find anymore, but it seems to have the same functions that the python versions)
  • Run the hyperpixel4-init as an rcS script ( I am using busybox as init system)
  • To have the desired orientation, I am using display_rotate=3 in config.txt

What else I need for touch supporting?

Kind Regards,


Ok, Fixed

I have modprobe the “goodix” and “evdev” modules.

To have the touch working with display_rotate = 3, in config.txt I have: