Hyperpixel4 Touch Raspberry Pi4


I have 2 problems :

My touch screen don’t working and impossible to turn the screen. I have a vertical screen.

Could you help me please ?

You have the touch version? I only ask because there is a touch and none touch version.
Instructions for rotating the display can be found here.

Thanx for this answer :)
I have the touch and i have the driver.
The display show information but impossible to rotate or use the touch

Ok, I don’t own a Hyperpixel so there isn’t much more I can do. There are some similar threads on this so if you do a forum search you may find an answer.


I just try on Raspberry PI 3 and all is ok.

I only have a problem on Raspberry PI4

Are the Pi 3B and Pi 4B both running the same build of PiOS?
There was a new release of PiOS on Aug 20th. Which I think has a new kernel?
What happens if you put the SD card from the 3B into the 4B?