Hyperpixel 4.0 - touch not working

Received my new hyperpixel 4.0 Touch, connected it to my PiZero W and expected that after installation (with the one-line installer script) that I’d be able to touch the screen and it would react - this is what the instructions suggest.

I get a desktop display but no touch behaviour as far as I can see.

I saw an older thread about hyperpixel3.5 touch issues and how to investigate, but the various logs and services mentioned there don’t seem to apply to the 4.0?

Anyone got any suggestions on how to diagnose it or am I likely to have a faulty unit?

I am using an existing Raspbian Stretch installation and it is allegedly up to date. .

I’ve got the exact same issue - Raspian Stretch has loaded fully and displaying on the desktop, but no touch capability so far…

what are we missing? nothing in raspi-config, currently digging in boot/config.txt

beaut of a screen tho

Alas mine is the same. Have checked the small connector and re-seated it. I’m using it with 3b+ and latest raspbian distro.

Ah ok.

Followed this from gadgetoid:

Back up and running. And rotated!

Sorry about this- major gaffe on my part. I assumed the dtbo I built upon my still-running-Stretch development Pi before pushing up to GitHub would work just fine. Apparently not! I will probably update the installer to build the dtoverlay from source to avoid this sort of problem rearing its head again in future, but in the interim I’ll seek out a built dtbo file and replace the one in GitHub temporarily.

For now, though, I think I’ll have to revert the binary so that nobody else runs into this over the weekend.


Thank you both for such prompt responses! I followed the instructions on github - https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4, and away we go!

Yep, thanks. All sorted. I downloaded the new hyperpixel4.dtbo file and replaced the one in /boot/overlays and it now works in touch mode :-)

As some have noted on Github - there might be a heat related issue, not sure. I’m running a touch Hyperpixel 4 on a Raspberry Pi 4 1GB and it works following the single line install method, the first time you turn on. But if you reboot after a while it seems only the screen works and not the touch panel.