Hyperpixel and circuitpython

Has anyone used a Pimoroni Hyperpixel with circuitpython and displayio to draw on the screen and/or display an image?

Need more info, at least I do anyway?
Connected to a Raspberry Pi running Pi OS?
You do know it doesn’t use SPI, not like any convectional GPIO connected screen anyway?
Hyperpixel at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Yes, on a Pi 3B+ (or a 4) running PiOS and yes I understand it is not a SPI device.

OK, fair enough. I don’t own a hyperpixel, just so you know. I personally don’t know how you’d do that. Above my skill level. I’ve done a lot of image stuff on small SPI connected displays, mostly borrowed code from the github examples etc. Python though not Circuit Python or Micro Python. That’s what got me interested enough to reply to get more info.
I wish you good luck on your quest.