Hyperpixel and HQ Camera Issue


This is an extension of an ongoing issue I have documented on the main Raspberry Pi Forum:

In short:
It seems there is an issue with the Hyperpixel display and the HQ Camera working together in the latest version of Pi OS Lite ( 64bit )

With both connected to the Pi, there are instances after bootup where the camera is not detected by the OS, showing this error:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg | grep imx
[    6.737814] imx477 10-001a: failed to read chip id 477, with error -5
[    6.738922] imx477: probe of 10-001a failed with error -5

Even upon several reboots you will get that same error…however every so often; the issue will be gone and the camera is detected:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg | grep imx
[    6.826154] imx477 10-001a: Device found is imx477
[    6.827145] imx477 10-001a: Consider updating driver imx477 to match on endpoints

If anybody has an experience with this, or a similar issue and found a fix; please advise as this is an issue that is project breaking ramifications in my case.

If you run into this issue see here for fix: