Hardware failure? (HyperPixel4 3B+)

I just fired up a pi with a fresh OS from the official Raspberry Pi Imager for the first time. I pretty much immediately ran the script to set up the HyperPixel4, and I think I might be experiencing hardware failure.

The following photos are in chronological order:

Immediately after plugging in:
Google Photos

During startup:
Google Photos

Desktop 1:
Google Photos

Desktop 2:
Google Photos

There are more photos, but after the first 4 successfully posting, it is telling me I can’t like to the host (google photos)?..

I think this is a hardware issue, but I’m not sure. I’m fairly certain when I set it up on the actual monitor prior to installing the HyperPixel, there were no issues (seems something like this would have been pretty noticeable). I’ve been pretty slammed though, and might not have been paying that close attention.

This is dumb… It’s marked me as spam for… including photos of the problem? Some automated filter bot needs to be adjusted. I can’t post the last two images (one is substantially similar to the one marked “During startup”, but the other is likely one of, if not the most informative…