HYPERPIXEL - Dead Pixels on Display?



I have just powered up my Hyperpixel display, but I see to my dismay that there are many dead pixels?

Picture taken with the PI powered but no SD card: it shows the stuck pixels bright in that case, they are dark and/or green when the display is driven by software

The dead pixels are mostly black, a few green; the display has a “rounded corner” effect where the dead pixels are concentrated in the top left + top right, and additionally with 3 horizontal stripes - at the bottom of the “task bar” of the default pixel desktop, and two more stripes across the whole display about 3/4 of the way down.

Raspberry Pi2, Latest Raspbian 2017-06-21 jessie;



Yikes! You should drop us a support ticket to support@pimoroni.com to arrange a replacement! Sorry about that.


Ok, will do just that.


Just wondering whether this has been a recurring problem as I have seen two issues of it on here and I received mine today with dead pixels as well (already emailed support). I was just seeing whether anything can be done for a more reliable success rate in the future. Maybe tighter QC


So, good news, bad news: 1st, the replacement Hyperpixel has arrived (and in a more robust packaging than before) with a little “fragile” note too.

Sadly, the screen is dead - it does not seem to emit light - at all. The touch functionality seems to be working fine, I can see the touch events generated via the “evtest” program


I have a very similar pattern to the one pictured above and worse than this, the display is extremely dark. I had to shine a flashlight on the display to be able to have something visible on the photo (you can see the faint straight lines of the default screensaver of Pixels).


A second image to complete my previous post shows the top left corner of the display with dead pixels, hard to see on the photo. The pattern of dead pixels is very similar to the one reported by grrussel: top left and right corners are rounded and toward the bottom of the screen is like a rectangle which borders appear to be dead pixels.

PS: I installed the display with an anti-static bracelet and was careful to push it in by pressing the (quite) small portion of the PCB.


All is now well with Hyperpixel here: the new replacement is working perfectly


hi all
i have just switched mine on and have a similar problem, unknown what the causes this as its just been sat on the desk…


I just booted up my HyperPixel for the first time last night, and to my dismay as well, I am seeing those ‘rounded corner’ dead pixels. My package had the ‘fragile’ note inside, and I was sure to be careful, as before even opening it, I was aware of the fragility of the screen, however after installing it very carefully, as soon as the backlight first activated, I knew something wasn’t right:

I thought at first that I had maybe depressed the screen too hard when installing, though I only touched the black PCB, and these rounded corners are even on the opposite end of the display. I will open a ticket for sure, as I was excited to actually use this display (BTW, from the areas that are working, it’s absolutely gorgeous!), but it sure looks like this is a manufacturing problem as many of us are seeing this rounded corner pattern.


Both of you should email support@pimoroni.com to sort out a replacement


seems we all have a case of HyperDeadPixels!


I have also black stripes in middle and edge.
Maybe QC problem?


Just adding another example. Mine has the issue near the GPIO pins. I was careful installing it as per the warning.

I have emailed support. Hope this helps diagnose whatever the issue is.

Regards, Ian.


We’re still not sure what’s causing this problem with HyperPixel - we’ve been through multiple steps of refinement with our process, up to the point where we now test them twice and package them more securely. We ensure no HyperPixel leaves our warehouse with this problem. (well unless it’s manifesting while they’re kitted up or packed for posting at which point they’re sealed up in bags and impossible to re-test again).

This doesn’t mean the problem is your fault, though. We’ve had tales both of this problem manifesting itself while a HyperPixel is in storage, and even one of it magically repairing itself. It’s potentially something to do with moisture, or temperature, or some environmental factor (or perhaps even an electrical one) that’s causing the problem.

We’re happy to replace your displays, anyway! And are continually monitoring these problems to see if we can find a fix.


Me too! Have purchased three Hyperpixel displays now and ALL 3 have had the same issue :-o Two of which it comes and goes (the ‘healing’ hinted at above). All were fine first time I switched them on, they develop these ‘dead pixels’ in the corners and across the display randomly - there would appear given the other reports above that there is indeed a serious design fault here that would slip past QA simply looking for dead pixels :-/

Do we have a resolution for this yet other than to simply get replacements with the same issue? :-/ Does this exist with the more recent slightly larger screens and if not can we get them swapped out?

Thanks for your help!!



We never did figure out what exactly causes this, despite some fairly aggressive testing on our part.

More than happy to replace them, though. I’ll drop you a DM for details.