Hyperpixel ./install.sh runs fine, but the screen does not work as a monitor

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to use the HyperPixel2r screen together with a Banana Pi M2 Zero (equivalent to RPi Zero2W because of the difficulty of achieving a RPi board). Let me refer to the Banana Pi M2 Zero as BPi from now on, in which I’ve installed the “Armbian 20.11.6 stable” OS.

I’ve had some issues when trying to run the ./install.sh file from the Pimoroni HyperPixel2r drivers (downloaded from: GitHub - pimoroni/hyperpixel2r). Installing a RPi.GPIO library for the BPi equivalent to the raspberry one and others. Nevertheless,I’ve got to a point in which when the “sudo ./install.sh” command is run, no error pops up. However, when rebooting the BPi, the HDMI keeps working, and although disconnecting it, nothing is showed through the Hyperpixel2r screen.

To test if the hyperpixel-init.service is working, I run “systemctl status hyperpixel2r-init.service” and everything seems to work fine. I attach an image correspondingly, I also show the actual pinout below:

Please note that in the “install.sh” file I’ve modified:

  1. OVERLAY_PATH from “/boot/overlays” to “/boot/overlay-user” which is the equivalent for this OS.
  2. CONFIG from “/boot"config.txt” to “/boot/armbianEnv.txt” which is also the equivalent for this OS.

Could anyone help me or give me a tip on where it might be failing? I understand this post may lack some information, I would be glad to attach any that helps in solving the issue.

Thank you in advanced!

I don’t think that /boot/config.txt is in any way equivalent to /boot/armbianEnv.txt.

Hi, thank you for your response. I do think it is (Device Tree overlays - Armbian Documentation) as in the armbianEnv.txt is where the dtoverlays are assigned, equivalent to the config.txt file for RPi (Enabling new hardware on Raspberry Pi | Microchip).
A part from that, in armbian there is no “config.txt” file.

There are many differences (e.g. armbianEnv.txt sets the root-device, which is set in /boot/cmdline.txt on PiOS).

Yes, you can set overlays, but the syntax is different. So the install-script might just write wrong entries. In config.txt, the settings for i2c/spi are no overlays at all. And so on. So you will probably need to fix some errors manually (convert entries targeted at config.txt to armbianEnv.txt-syntax).