HyperPixel LCD with UPS hat?


Hello! Would it be possible to run the HyperPixel screen with any UPS? I know most ups hats use i2c to monitor and shutdown pi. Thanks ahead of time!


Possibly, but only under the condition that they’re only using i2c, and that you can connect them to HyperPixel’s software i2c bus and modify the monitoring software to use it.


I’m going to need to familiarize myself with this. I wouldn’t even know where to start! Thank you for the response!


No problem. If you have a specific UPS board you’re looking at I might be able to give more useful advise. Although admittedly I haven’t used any boards of this type myself.


Thank you I appreciate the offer! I actually have 3 UPS boards I’m tinkering with currently; UPS Pico Plus HV3.0, S.USV UPS, and geekworm UPS.

From what I have gathered from the forums, it should be possible to do through i2c but it would be difficult. Most people have said to get another lcd that used less pins or connects through hdmi, but I do enjoy the quality of The Hyperpixel.

Some have also suggested an expansion board for i2c but I wouldn’t know where to start there either. My soldering skills are a strong 5.

Thank you for any help you can provide. Apparently this is a popular topic for using a stacked hat with this lcd.