HyperPixel Square With Kivy

Hi all
I am new here on the forums so go easy on me
I have bought a Hyperpixel Square, which I have attached to a Pi 3B+ running the Buster version of Raspbian.
It is working beautifully but I want to develop a HyperPixel-friendly GUI, so I decided to try out Kivy.
I got Kivy installed and running, but I have noticed something very odd.
I configured the input to Kivy as follows in the Kivy Config.ini file ……
mouse = mouse
mtdev_%(name)s = probesysfs,provider=mtdev
hid_%(name)s = probesysfs,provider=hidinput
Now, I run up a Kivy demo app - “Pictures”, which allows you to drag pictures around the screen. If the picture is in the top left, I have to touch the bottom right to grab the picture. Then, moving it left with my finger moves it right on the screen. Up and down are similarly inverted.
Any ideas how to remedy this ?