Hyperpixel4 non-touch display for Raspberry Pi and 1-wire

Hi there,

I bought your Hyperpixel4 non-touch display and it is nice!!!

As you say on the Getting Started-page that all GPIO-pins are used, but that it is possible to use i2c by a trick. Can I use these pins (BCM 10 and 11) also for 1-wire (i.e. DS18B20 temperature sensor)?

Looking at the pinout of the Hyperpixel4 I see that BCM 10, 11, 27 are used for the touch-features on the touch-panel. I have the non-touch panel, can I use these pins, or at least the 27, for 1-wire?
I want to use a Adafruit ProtoBonnet for installing the sensor and thingsā€¦


Bart Elffers,