I just got a Radio Pirate with Phat Beat but is not working

Hello, I did the whole installation for the Phat Beat, but is definitely not working. The lights never flashed. I’m using it with the raspberry pi Zero provided, and the installation on that front is correct. I’m not sure how to test the hat.

I tested the speaker, and that seems to be working.

I really wish they had left the shop page up and just marked it as unavailable etc.
Anyway its github page is here.
pimoroni/phat-beat: Python library for PHAT BEAT - A stereo DAC, AMP and VU for the Raspberry Pi (github.com)
Try some of the examples.
phat-beat/examples at master · pimoroni/phat-beat (github.com)

The following will clone the repository to your Pi.
git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/phat-beat

The lights are working ineed, but they are not connected with the alsamixer, so they don’t really “do” anything… any ideas?

I have a home built version, pHat Beat and Pi Zero W. My own case and buttons.
I went with the basic VLC Internet Radio setup, no smart phone control etc.
Internet Radio on your Pirate Radio (pimoroni.com)

Mine was setup quit a while ago. It’s running an older version of Pi OS, Jessie, maybe Buster. There were some big changes audio wise in Bullseye that may be messing you up? That’s my best guess, really hard to say based on what’s posted so far.

@hel or @Matt may be able to help you sort it out though.

I know about the OS changes, I ended installing Jessie… any ideas for the LEDs?

I believe this is what is used.
pimoroni/pivumeter: ALSA plugin for displaying VU meters on various Raspberry Pi add-ons - derived from ameter (github.com)

Thanks a lot for that…