I/O error 121


My scrollphathd worked perfectly until today. Even the pomoroni exemples like clock send me this message:
OSError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error

Apparently this message comes when python tries to import scrollphathd.

I’m new in python and my English is poor but ca you help me or do I have to format my sd…
I already tried to reinstall the scrollphathd module and nothing has changed.



Can you please post a picture of your soldering please?


of course


That’s some good soldering! Apart from making sure it is correctly seated on the pi a new sd card might be the best way to go about emliminating a hardware fault.


Besides trying to run the scrollphat, what else is the pi doing - are you running anything else on there at the same time?


Could you also post the full error output, either by taking a screenshot/photo or copying and pasting it here? Cheers!