Scroll pHat not working



My scroll pi seems not to be working - anyone have any ideas?
I went to the github page and followed the install instructions but when trying to run any of the examples I’m receiving this error msg:


I have been over again with a soldering iron and think all my connections look OK - however on closer inspection the board I received does seem to have tarnished connections - I only soldered some of the pins so the others can be seen:

Any ideas anyone?


Here’s my second img as the first was blocked due to being a new user


ps - it’s fitted to a B+


Your soldering looks good to me, though I can’t see the state of pin 1&2.

and going by the location of the script it looks like you ran the one-line installer. Did you restart the Pi since (you should have got a prompt to do so) to make the enabling of i2c effective?

you could also try to install python-smbus manually just in case there was a glitch:

sudo apt-get install python-smbus python3-smbus


actually, on close up I’d say pin 5 (third from left, bottom row) could do with a more generous supply of solder, could be the problem?

Try to get the same finish as you have on pin 3-4, with all the copper engulfed in solder, without overdoing it (i.e making a blob).


hi RogueM,

Thanks very much for your posts,

Ok I followed your advice and ran;
sudo apt-get install python-smbus python3-smbus
And received the message the packages were already installed (have rebooted a couple of times too), then I went back and checked the solder joints and did add a little more solder to a couple, but on trying again I get the same error.

Any other ideas?


Here’s an updated picture



soldering is fine but I kind of can make out the tarnishing you mentioned now… how bad would you say it it? Did you purchase it directly from us and did it come packaged in an anti-static bag?


Hi RogueM
It is tarnished or perhaps on further inspection, its like the gold(?) plating didn’t stick?
Here’s a close -up


I purchased it from ThePiHut, delivered in a sealed anti static bag (still have it) - arrived this week



Honestly the copper layer seems badly damaged… not sure how that could happen or pass QA (it wouldn’t have, so degradation would have happened later).

I’m very sure that’s a DOA, sorry about that. Can you pop an email to and request a RMA… I’d like to get the board back for inspection if that’s OK as that’s quite an unusual scenario, they’ll sort out a new one for you though.


Thanks for your message, OK just emailed support.
Should I mark for your attention?

Thanks again,


mark it attn Gee, please!


Hi Gee, have you received the faulty hat?
I sent it 12 days ago, I’ve emailed support but haven’t had a reply?


I need to check with Gee (I’m not him ha!), but regardless you should have received a replacement unit by now, is that not the case? Have you received any comm at all in respect to the return?


Hi rogueM Thanks, yes I’ve had a confirmation email and notification the replacement was sent out today,
Best regards